Thank You for your interest in the SAMC Blue Ocean Strategy® Workshop!

At SAMC, we are trained practitioners in Blue Ocean Strategy, having conducted over 200 workshops and worked with a variety of clients in a wide range of industries. We specialize in helping organizations find blue oceans and avoid red ones, thereby finding and owning uncontested market space. This workshop gives you all the details!

BOS webinar

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • What Blue Ocean Strategy is and how it differs from a Red Ocean Strategy—maybe the one you are in today
  • How you can go exploring to find key parts of a Blue Ocean:
    • Unmet needs, even among your current customers
    • Nonusers who could really use you and might even be searching for you now
    • How to create demand, not just fulfillment
    • How to make your competition irrelevant

We'd like to help you find your Blue Ocean Strategy. Please contact us so we can get started!

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